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(updated 3/13/12)

Section 1: No one may sue or press charges against another member, an official, the property
owner, any benefactor of NKC or the NKC itself. Nor shall any member discredit or bring
slander to the Club’s or member’s wellbeing. The penalty can be up to a lifetime expulsion.

Section 2: No Officer or Club Official shall make a call, judgment or be involved in any decision
making process in which an immediate family member is a competitor. Verbal communication
using track radios by members of the Board of Directors during a race will not be allowed, unless
requested by any Race Official.

Section 3: Any unauthorized person who wants special permission to be inside the track fence
must receive permission from NKC officials, and must sign a liability release.

Section 4: All non-member racers/guardians can print a copy of Rules and By-laws at

Section 5: Everyone racing and/or participating in a scheduled event must sign a release form
and obtain a pit pass each week.

Section 6: All present are to give full cooperation to officials at all times.

Section 7: Anyone under eighteen (18) years of age cannot race unless a parent or proof of
guardianship is present. Parental consent is required as per W.K.A. instructions. A certified copy
of the driver’s birth certificate must be provided by the driver’s 2nd race.

Section 8: All inexperienced racers must place a large visible X on their helmet and rear number
plate minimally for three race weekends. During this time the racer will not draw a chip and
must start at the rear of all heats and features however will maintain their position earned during


Section 9: Visiting racers claiming prior experience are subject to evaluation by the race
officials. The race officials have the authority to make the visiting racer start in the rear of the
lineup if their on track ability warrants.

Section 10: Entry fees for the year shall be determined by the Board of Directors and announced
and approved by the general membership at the February monthly meeting. Entry fees shall
remain unchanged throughout the year.

Section 11: Waste oil must be removed from the track property at the end of each race day. Kart
owners are responsible and will be subject to severe sanctions up to and including permanent
suspension for failing to comply with this rule.

Section 12: There will be a $25 late fee assessed for all membership renewals not completed by
the end of the February monthly club meeting.

Section 13: A minimum of 2 raffles will be run annually, usually supporting the 2-day Show
mid-year and the banquet at the end of the year. Each member is required to sell/buy one book
of 10, $5 raffle tickets for each raffle.

Section 14: Any capital improvement expenditure costing over $1,500.00 shall be approved by
the general membership with a majority vote at any official club meeting.

Section 15: All parts vendors must carry a 1 million dollar liability policy certificate naming the
property owner and /or it’s affiliates and Nutmeg Kart Club as an Additional Insured.

Section 16: All fuel containers must be approved for holding fuel and clearly marked with the
contents within. It is also recommended that all containers holding water be marked as such.

Section 17: No person on the board, or an immediate family member, under the same
membership can also hold a paid position, unless approved by the general membership at any
official club meeting.

Section 18: At every official meeting, the names of all club members in attendance will be
placed in a hat. One “winner” will be drawn at each meeting. The “winner” will receive 1 free
race and 1pit pass voucher to be used at a race of their choice. Should the winner enter in two
classes, the winner will pay the discounted 2nd race fee. For a two day event race to be free –
the club member must present 2 free race vouchers. Passes are not transferable.

Section 19: Within 1 hour from the completion of the last race or from when your kart is
released from tech, all equipment must be packed and ready to leave premises

Section 20: Spirit and Intent. The law of spirit and intent comes into effect when race officials
are encountered with facets not specifically addressed in the rulebook. At this point, officials
must make decisions based not only on fact, but also on whether the infraction was a clear case
of attempting to controvert the spirit of the event. We urge you to avoid causing a spirit and
intent ruling by being fully aware of all the regulations that apply to you and your
kart/tires/engine etc. It is impossible to write a rule for every aspect of karting. Before attempting
any modifications to your kart/tires/engine etc. that are not specifically addressed in the
rulebook, talk to the technical inspector and clarify the requirements.


ARTICLE II COMMITTEE/NON COMMITTEE Limited committee positions are available for members in good standing in return for reduced racing fees. The rates are to be determined annually by the Board. There is no guarantee that positions are available for all members seeking a committee position; however, there is a minimum number of committee positions that …

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ARTICLE III TRACK RULES AND REGULATIONS Section 1: All approved participants will be admitted through the sign in booth, proper ID required, all fees and waivers must be completed to race. Pit areas will be kept and left orderly and clean. Section 2: Each pit stall shall have at least one ABC type fire extinguisher …

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ARTICLE IV FINES AND PENALTIES Section 1: Waste oil, tires, and general trash must be removed from the track property at the end of each race day. Kart owners are responsible and will be subject to severe sanctions up to and including permanent suspension for failing to comply with this rule. Section 2: Failure of tech …

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ARTICLE V KART SPECIFICATIONS Section 1: 715.4 – The primary purpose of the pre-race inspections is to establish that safety requirements have been met by each competitor prior to their entering the track at speed. It is the responsibility of the entrant to provide, for pre-race inspection the vehicle, helmet and racing apparel exactly as …

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ARTICLE VI CLASSES Section 1: A driver’s actual age as of January 1st will establish their karting class during the calendar year. Any driver who may attain the age of a higher class during a season can at their discretion remain in the lower class for the remainder of the season or move up to …

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ARTICLE VII SCORING Section 1: All classes will line up for their heats according to a number drawn. In the event that 2 heats are run for a class, the starting positions of the 2nd heat will be inverted from the starting positions of the 1st heat. Club members who are “new racers” as it …

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ARTICLE VIII SPECIAL EVENTS Section 1: Rules governing any special racing event held by the Nutmeg Kart Club shall be made at the discretion of the Officials, Board of Directors and/or appropriate committees.

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