Section 1: Waste oil, tires, and general trash must be removed from the track property at the end
of each race day. Kart owners are responsible and will be subject to severe sanctions up to and
including permanent suspension for failing to comply with this rule.

Section 2: Failure of tech will result in the loss of points for that day in all classes that the failed
part raced in. The second offense will result in loss of points for that day and suspension for the
next scheduled race event. On the third offense, there will be permanent suspension at the
discretion of the Board. Any driver refusing tech will lose points for that day plus be suspended
for the next regular points racing event. (A fun day, practice, or rain out is not considered a
racing event).

Section 3: All karts must proceed directly to scales upon leaving track after each scored race to
be weighed. Any kart failing to do so will be automatically disqualified. If a kart is found to be
light in the first heat race, they will start the next heat race from the rear in that class in addition
to receiving a DQ for that heat. After the feature race, any kart found underweight will lose their
points for the day in that class. The Nutmeg track scale is the FINAL AUTHORITY.

Section 4: Anyone found tampering with another kart without permission will be expelled or
suspended at the discretion of the Board.

Section 5: Any driver who does not obey flags immediately will be subject to suspension of that
event. Any further penalty or suspension will be up to the Board of Directors.

Section 6: Any kart in a race more than two laps behind and competing may be black flagged off
the track at the consensus of the race official’s discretion.

Section 7: Any kart which in the opinion of the safety/tech committee or other Officials is not in
good racing condition shall be disqualified from competition until it meets W.K.A. and Nutmeg

Section 8: Anyone on the premises who acts unseemly or argues at Club activities, can be
immediately suspended. The Board of Directors may levy a suspension up to six consecutive
race meets. If a person starts a fight on the grounds or at any club function, that person can be
permanently expelled. Any suspension or expulsion under this section may apply to all persons
affiliated with that Club membership. The decision of the officials shall be final.

Section 9: Any person smoking on the track or hot grid shall be given one verbal warning on the
first offense. Thereafter, they will be given a suspension for that day with loss of points. Any
suspension under this section may apply to all persons affiliated with that Club membership. The
decision of the officials shall be final.

Section 10: The top three (unless a different number is specified at the drivers meeting) finishers
of each class must bring their kart to the designated impound area immediately after their feature
race, unless his or her kart is used in two different classes. In that case the kart must be left in the
designated area to be defined at the drivers meeting. Tech officials have the right to impound and
inspect any kart at any time. Only the driver and one crew member for each kart are allowed to
be present during tech.

Section 11: Any Club Member or Crew Member participating in events thought to be under the
influence of drugs or alcohol at any race event, will not be allowed to continue to participate in
that day’s events. Ruling will be at the discretion of the officials.

Section 12: As used above, a consecutive race event means a completed race day (all classes
heat races must be completed). A two day show counts as one race event. Any and all
disciplinary actions may be carried over to the next racing season.

Section 13: A disciplinary action/penalty log book will be kept in the sign in booth. This book
will be available upon request to the adult membership. The book must remain at the sign in
booth when being viewed.

Section 14: Whoever complains the most about something will automatically become the newly
formed Chairperson of that subject matter. If they decline the position, they automatically lose
the right to ever comment or complain about that subject matter again. If they do complain/
comment again after declining the position penalties can/will be assessed.