Section 1: A driver’s actual age as of January 1st will establish their karting class during the
calendar year. Any driver who may attain the age of a higher class during a season can at their
discretion remain in the lower class for the remainder of the season or move up to the higher
class. A birth certificate may be required. Proof of age will be required for drivers who are Club
members for any class where age is a factor. For junior classes, where the driver is a visitor, in
the absence of proof of age, the parent or guardian shall sign a waiver stating the age and birth
date of the junior driver.

Section 2: There will be a 1 kart minimum set as the number of karts required to be signed in
and take the green flag at the start of the feature event for the event to be classified an official
points event. A season championship requires at least 3 karts racing in a minimum of 50% of all
race events.
Finishes will be awarded as follows:
All Senior classes shall receive 1st, 2nd or 3rd place trophies/medals (or members may receive a
plaque if designated on their initial membership application that year). In addition, members who
receive plaques and win their first feature race may receive a trophy/medal along with their
plaque plate.
All participants in Kid Kart, Kid Kart Champ and Rookie will receive a trophy/medal.
All Junior classes will receive a trophy/medal up to 5th place, or a plaque as previously stated
above. If plaques are chosen they will be awarded for any place finish in each class.

Section 3: The Kid Kart and Kid Kart Champ classes will have a maximum of 10 karts per class.
All other junior classes will have a maximum of 12 karts. All senior classes will have a
maximum of 14 karts. All classes with karts over the maximum allowed will be split.

Section 4: All trophies/medals will be issued on race day only. If a winner is unable to pick up
their award at the end of the day, arrangements must be made to have someone else pick it up.

Section 5: Classes must complete at least 2/3rds of the points races completed, in order to
receive year end trophies and Champion status.

Section 6: Allow class racers to freeze their points and move up when they reach the required
age for the next class. Jr1 to Jr 2, etc -.

Section 7: Class Structures
Flathead motors are legal to run in all animal classes however they will receive no concessions.
Flathead motor rules will revert to the 2006 tech manual for JR Stock and the 2007 tech manual
for JR1 and JR 2. All other classes will refer to the most current WKA tech manual.

KID KART (Exhibition Only) Age 5 – 8 Comer P50/51 140 lbs. All WKA 413.14 Kid Kart
Rules Apply. Local Option JR 206 Engine also legal.

KID KART CHAMP (Exhibition Only) Age 5 – 7 Subaru Robin EX13 Overhead Cam 4.5 HP
Engine 260lbs, 15×65 Gear Rule, 4000 max RPM. All WKA 413.15 Kid Kart Champ Rules

BRIGGS SPTS 1 Age 7 – 10 Briggs & Stratton Stock Animal Engine with a restrictor plate
three holes 0.225” (purple), Flathead .425” (purple), Clone .500 (purple) 250lbs

BRIGGS SPTS 2 Ages 10 – 12 Briggs & Stratton Stock Animal Engine with a restrictor plate
top hole 0.275″ and a bottom hole of 0.325″ (turquoise/blue), Flathead .500” (turquoise/blue),
Clone .550 (turquoise/blue) 275lbs

BRIGGS JR Age 12 – 15 Briggs & Stratton Stock Animal with a 0.505″ (gold) restrictor plate,
Clone unrestricted, 300 lbs.

BRIGGS SPTS CHAMP Age 8 – 12 Briggs & Stratton stock Animal engine with a restrictor
plate top hole 0.275” and a bottom hole of 0.325” (turquoise/blue), Flathead .500
(turquoise/blue), Clone .550 (turquoise/blue), 315 lbs.

BRIGGS JR CHAMP Age 12 – 15 Briggs & Stratton Stock Animal Engine with a .575 (Black)
restrictor plate 335 lbs.

BRIGGS MASTERS Age 35 and older Briggs & Stratton Stock Animal Engine Methanol,
Flathead Unrestricted, 375 lbs.

BRIGGS LITE, MEDIUM, & HEAVY Age 15 and older Briggs & Stratton Stock Animal
Engine or Flathead Unrestricted Engine 325 lbs. LITE, 350 lbs. MEDIUM 375 lbs. HEAVY

BRIGGS SUPER HEAVY Age 15 and older Briggs & Stratton Stock Animal Engine or
Flathead Engine, Overall minimum weight is 400 lbs., Maximum kart weight is 200lbs.

BRIGGS RAPTOR Age 15 and older Briggs & Stratton Stock 5HP Engine 360 lbs.
2 CYCLE/UNLIMITED 105cc/120cc/140cc/160cc Age 15 and older, No turbo chargers, superchargers,
or nitrous oxide.
105cc – 300lbs
120cc – 340lbs
140cc – 380lbs
160cc – 420lbs
Wedge Bodies are allowed.

BOX STOCK (Clone) Age 15 years and older – 375 lbs- 87 Octane Gas Only – Approved
Engine: BS Project 6.5 OHV Clone, Stamped steel drum shoe type clutches only, 12 tooth only,
Rear Gears 63,64 or 65. No Tachometers allowed.

POWDER PUFF Age 15 years & up – 375 lbs. – 87 Octane Gas Only – Approved engine: BS

ROARING LIONS Age 14 years and older – 400 lbs. – 87 Octane Gas Only – Approved
Engine: BS Project 6.5 OHV Clone, Stamped steel drum shoe type clutches only, 12 tooth only,
Rear Gears 64, 65 or 66. No Tachometers allowed.

CLAIMER RULE: Applies to ALL CLONE engines in ALL CLASSES with clone engines
running in them. The clone engine claim is open to all racers in the class regardless of what
engine type they are running. The only exception to this rule would be the unlimited class (No
claims allowed in the unlimited class).You must finish the race in order to purchase the winners
CLONE engine for $200 or $275 if the billet STEEL flywheel is included (Cash Only) (minus
the clutch, clutch/chain guard, throttle kit, header pipe, muffler, air filter adapter, air filter, top
plate & fuel pump, restrictor plate (if part of the class)). The following tech will take place on all
claims. Full carb, springs, shroud removal, flywheel, timing key, timing, roll cam for duration
and lift, side cover removed for visual rod check.

All parts must be factory production parts unless otherwise specified in this manual. No
machining or alteration of parts is permitted unless specifically noted. All parts are subject to be
compared to known stock parts. No reading between the lines. If it not in the rules, it must

Refusing to accept the claimer will result in immediate disqualification of competitor along with
forfeiture of any points earned to date in class. Competitor will also not be allowed to compete
any longer in that class. In addition if at any time it is determined that anything has been done to
circumvent the spirit and intent of this as an entry level engine. Whether it is an engine
performance modification, fuel or oil enhancements, data recording devices, etc… You and
anyone racing with your membership/family/team will be suspended from the use of the clone
motor permanently.

Description: Single cylinder, 2 valve, OHV 4 cycle engine.
Combustion chamber volume: 26.5 cubic centimeter minimum, with piston at TDC,using
prescribed procedure. The Liquid CC check is the official check (IF THE ENGINE FAILS THE

Cylinder Head Requirements: Must be OEM casting only. Porting and / or grinding are not
permitted. Valve seats are two angles 45 degrees valve face and 30 degrees top relief. Intake seat
maximum ID .897”, Exhaust seat maximum ID .862”. Outside face of valve may not be below
floor of combustion chamber (i.e. don’t sink the valves). Stock head bolts only, must have four.
Head gasket/s maybe after market, must be of stock configuration, gasket thickness is a non tech
item. Depth check between the valves, front to back and side to side may not vary by more than
.005” max. No copper or aluminum gaskets allowed. Any stock configuration exhaust gasket
allowed no other sealer.

Block Requirements: Stock cylinder bore is 2.685” max. Stroke is 2.123” + .010” or – .010”. No
piston pop out allowed. Matting surface finish of block and cylinder head is a non-tech item,
surfacing of both to correct gasket failure and meet cc check allowed however, no piston pop out
is allowed. May use 2 side cover gaskets of stock configuration. Block must remain stock as
produced. Stub for governor may be removed and hole plugged. No machining of block allowed.
Welding to the block shall be for rod damage repair only and may not constitute a functional

Carburetor requirements: Huayi OR RUI*ING model carb only. Carb to intake sealer is gasket
only no other sealer allowed. Choke must be as supplied from factory, but may be fixed to stay in
open position. Venturi .615” NO-GO. Rear carb bore .751” NO-GO. Main fuel jet .042” NOGO.
Low speed idle jet is a Non Tech item. Stock emulsion tube must be used and unaltered,
.066’ max ID (no pass through). Side holes in E-Tube 4 holes max in bottom section and 20
holes max in top section. Minimum E-Tube length 1.092”. Throttle shaft – .115” minimum.
Butterfly – .037” minimum. Aftermarket air filter adapter allowed (max length of 1.375).
Valve Train: Stock valve cover only with any stock configuration gasket, no sealer.
Factory stock rocker arms 1:1 ratio and push rods only. Stock valves only 45 degree
angle only both valves, Intake valve Max OD .982” +/- .005” and Exhaust valve Max OD .945”
+/- .005”, no modifications allowed. Only Box Stock valve springs. (Installed Height for valve springs
.815”, must be checked by using the .815” spring must go gauge with retainer seal in place on
intake an exhaust valve if used.) Prescribed check procedure as follows – Remove valve spring,
reinstall spring retainer, insert .815” must go gauge in spring location. Gauge must go in both
locations Intake and Exhaust with any allowed retainers in place, as raced, during check
procedure. Max wire diameter on spring wire is .071” with a maximum tension of 10.8 lbs. at a
height of .850”. Lash cap on exhaust valve only. Valve stem seal allowed on Intake and Exhaust
valve, maximum lip thickness of .027”. Minimum thickness of Intake retainer .227”, Exhaust
retainer .250”. BS lifters only, no modifications allowed. ( Additional check for valve springs – Each spring is to be checked using a .750”height by .800” width plate gauge and a .250” (square) no-go gauge to check the center spacing of the
spring coils while inserted in the plate gauge.) Prescribed check procedure as follows – Insert the
spring in the .750” X .800” plate gauge (spring must be centered in plate gauge and must fit
inside of gauge with the ends of the spring wires perpendicular to the plate ). Once inserted in the
plate gauge take the .250” no-go gage and check the center coil spacing on both sides. The .250”
no-go gauge must be parallel to the spring wire and perpendicular to the center of the spring
when checking. The .250” no-go must pass check on at least one side of the spring. This check is
to be performed after the 10.8/lb check and .071 max wire diameter check have been performed.
Ignition system: Stock Box Stock system only and must be unaltered. Kill switch and low oil
sensor may be disabled and removed. Flywheel: Box Stock flywheel only (5lbs 4oz minimum)
including plastic fins. BSFW-1 steel billet flywheel allowed on 1/1/12 same weight check as
stock flywheel. As of 3/21/12, ARC Flywheels 6619 & 6618 and Raceseng Flywheels RSP-13-
075 & RSP-13-077 allowed. All other current specs as to flywheels will remain intact and in

HEADER PIPE AND SILENCER: Header Pipe Length: Minimum 10”- Maximum 18”. Silencer
must be a RLV 91_L type with .1285 no-go hole. (No aftermarket coatings of any type are


Any single stage, one-piece header made from .750” OD steel tubing, with the RLV Mini B-91
Silencer installed at the end of pipe. The B-91 Silencer must be tread fitted to the pipe end. The
entire exhaust pipe including the muffler is 15” max length and 10” min length. Exhaust Pipe
must be double nutted or safety wired and silencer must be supported by clamped on brace to
secure it in place. (No aftermarket coatings of any type are permitted.)
No alterations of any type allowed. Timing and flywheel key is non-tech.

Piston and Rings: Must be unaltered Box Stock only. No machining of piston and rings allowed.
Connecting Rod: Stock Box Stock rod only. No machining of any type allowed. Stock rod bolts

Crankshaft Requirements: Stock Box Stock crankshaft required. Machining, polishing, addition
of material or other alteration of crankshaft is prohibited. Stock factory timing gear mandatory
and must be installed in original location. Crankshaft journal diameter is 1.180”max – 1.168”

Camshaft Requirements: Stock camshaft cores only, ez-spin assy must remain as stock. Cam
lobe base circle diameter .865″ -.005”/+.010” Duration check for Intake and Exhaust lobes
(taken off pushrod). Intake duration of 219 degrees at .050 lift/86 degrees at .200 lift.* Exhaust
duration of 222 degrees at .050” lift/97 degrees at .200” lift.* (*+/- 2 degrees for wear and gauge
variances) Max Intake lift on cam .225” – Min .215”lift taken at the pushrod. Max Intake lift at
the valve .238” Taken on valve spring retainer with zero lash. Max Exhaust lift on cam .232” –
Min .222” lift taken at the pushrod. Max Exhaust Lift at the valve .242” Taken on valve spring
retainer with zero lash. (To achieve zero valve lash for checking running lift, preload dial
indicator by .001”.)

Blower Housing Assembly: pull starter must be present and remain stock. Pull starter may be
rotated for a better crank angle.

Fuel Tank Requirements: Floor Mounted fuel tank mandatory (stock tank must be removed).
Pulse type fuel pump allowed.

Fuel Pump Requirements: Fuel pump must be pulsed from either the crank case or the valve
cover. You may install a flat metal plate in the original tank location for the purpose of mounting
the throttle linkage and fuel pump.

Clutches: Stamped steel drum shoe type clutches only, No machined Billet drums allowed. No
disc clutches allowed.

OIL CATCH CAN: Engine oil recovery system mandatory