Section 1: All classes will line up for their heats according to a number drawn. In the event that
2 heats are run for a class, the starting positions of the 2nd heat will be inverted from the starting
positions of the 1st heat. Club members who are “new racers” as it is applied in Article 1,
Section 8, shall start in the rear. In the case of a tie drawing, the driver drawing later shall draw

Section 2: Heat finishing positions will be used for line up positions for the feature. Drivers shall
be lined up in the order of their combined heat finishing positions. In the case of a tie, the feature
starting position will be determined by low lap time.

Section 3: In the event that a class has more entries than that class is allowed, the class will be
split into 2 groups to be determined by chips drawn at sign in (lowest numbers in group A and
highest numbers in group B). The class will be split 50/50 with an even number of entrants and if
there is an odd number of entrants Group A will have the extra kart. Each group will run 2 heats
with an inverted order in the second heat. The number of karts in group A will be the number of
karts that qualify for the A main and the number of karts in Group B will be the number of karts
that qualify for the B main. Example: If there are a total of 13 entries for the event and the
maximum allowed to race is 10 then 7 will race in heats group A and 6 will race in heats group
B. 7 karts will qualify for the A main which will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd place from both heats A and
B. The 7th kart would be the 4th place kart from either heat group with the fastest lap. The B
main is then run with the remaining 6 karts. Since the maximum allowed on the track is 10 for
this class 3 additional karts would transfer from the B main to the A main. Upon completion of
the B main 1st, 2nd and 3rd would make the transfer while 4th, 5th and 6th of the B main would
receive 11th, 12th and 13th place points respectively. The A main would then be run and scored
1st through 10th in order of finish. The heat winners of like positions will have their feature
finish set based upon fastest lap time from their qualifying heats. For example 1st place in group
A and 1st place in group B will compare fastest lap. Fastest lap gets inside slower outside. This
continues on down position by position. The remaining karts that transferred from the B main
will start from the next open position and follow back from their finishing order in the B main.
For example 12 karts transferred directly into the feature allowing 3 more from the B main. The
winner of the B main would start in the 13th position, the 2nd place kart from the B main would
start in the 14th and so on.

Section 4: In the event of inclement weather 2 heats for each scheduled class must be completed
for the race day to be official and counted for scoring. If 2 heats are not completed then the race
day will be considered a rain-out. In the event of a rain-out race fees will be applied to the next
race event the racer attends that season. Pit Pass fees are non refundable. If any class is able to
complete at least ½ of their scheduled feature laps that we be counted as the official finishing
order for points. For any class that does not get to race it’s feature or complete at least ½ of their
scheduled feature laps the finishing order will revert to the feature lineups created from the
merged results of heats 1 and 2. All ties in those lineups will use fastest lap time in either heat for
the tiebreaker.

Section 5: There shall be 1 dropped race allowed per race year. A competitor with a
disqualified race may not use that disqualified event as a drop.

Section 6: In the event of a point’s tie at the end of the season, the championship will go to the
driver with the most feature wins. In the event that there is still a tie, it will progress down
through feature finishes until the tie is broken.

Section 7: Any points discrepancies must be given to the Board of Directors (IN WRITING) by
the end of the day in which the points are posted on the Nutmeg bulletin board (at the sign in
booth). If the Board is not notified in writing the points will stand as is for the rest of the season.

Section 8: Lucky Dog Rule (Features Only). After a yellow flag caution, the first kart a lap or
more down will receive one lap back and go to the end of the line of the lead karts. One lap
must be completed between cautions before another lucky dog kart will be awarded. The kart
causing the caution can not be awarded the “lucky dog”. The decision of the track officials will
be final.

Section 9: Non-member racers will receive finishing order awards however will not receive a
position for points. Points will be awarded by member finishing order.
Section 10: A bonus of 5 points will awarded for earning the pole position for their classes
feature race.

1st 100
2nd 90
3rd 80
4th 70
5th 60
6th 50
7th 40
8th 30
9th 20
10th 10
and after 10