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Section 1:
 The name of the Club shall be “NUTMEG KART CLUB, INC.” /AKA NKC

Section 1: The mission of the NKC shall be to promote, support and participate in the sport of safe go-karting and good sportsmanship.

Section 1: No one may sue or press charges against another member, official, the property owner, any benefactor of NKC or the NKC itself. Nor shall any member discredit or bring slander to NKC’s or any member’s well-being. The penalty can be up to a lifetime expulsion.
Section 2: Any adult, who has attained the age of eighteen years and is found to be in good character, shall be eligible for membership. The membership application shall be submitted to the Board of Directors for review. Membership shall be extended to the spouse and children between the ages of five and seventeen. Each membership is entitled to one vote. A member must have attended nine of the last eleven monthly meetings, including the current meeting, to be eligible to hold office. In order to run for President you must have served as a board member previously, meet all meeting attendance requirements and be in good standing with the club.
Section 3: Family members 18-21 have the option to remain under their family membership however will have the additional responsibility of all mandatory fund raising activities Membership to minor existing club members turning 18: A family member becoming age 18 automatically becomes a member by paying dues. However, if they turn 18 during the calendar year they have the option to either remain under their family’s membership or apply for their own membership. If the member decides to stay under the family membership they are unable to vote or raise motions or hold office. Members must be eighteen years of age. Members are eligible to vote or make motions as long as they are in good standing and have attended 5 of the last 11 meetings.

Section 4: Application for membership: Completed applications for membership in this club along with the appropriate dues, fees and other monies must be submitted to the club through the Treasurer. The Treasurer will give the application to the club Secretary. A prospective new member shall be on probation until they have raced or attempted to race in at least four race events. After this probationary period, the membership application will be presented to the general membership by the club Secretary for approval. The application must be voted on and approved by a majority of members present at the next monthly club meeting. If the application for membership is rejected all membership fees will be returned. No other monies will be refunded.
Section 5: Any membership that is for review by the Board shall be brought to the membership for discussion. The member’s voice will be used under advisement when the board makes its final decision.
Section 6: If they desire, members in good standing, shall be able to suspend their membership for up to one year, and upon re-application, will be re-instated without a vote of the Body, and without a probation period the following year.
Section 7: Probationary members and members put on probation can participate in scheduled events. He or she has no voice during probationary period.
Section 8: All members shall be required to pay dues in full with application. All outstanding fees must also be paid in full before being allowed to participate in scheduled events. There will be no refunds after membership is approved. Membership will start when dues are paid and end December 31 of each year. All members shall be required to complete an application for membership annually. Upon submission of a membership application, all drivers under the age of 18 shall present a certified birth certificate (raised seal) along with a copy to be retained in NKC file. Membership renewals are not required to resubmit a birth certificate that is already on file unless specifically requested.
Section 9: Honorary Members: To become an honorary member, there must be a signed recommendation of one member, seconded by another member and a 2/3 vote by ballot at a monthly club meeting. An Honorary Member of the club is expected to abide by all bylaws and rules of the club with the exception of committee obligations and membership dues. Each honorary member will be allowed two non-racing pit passes per event.
Section 10: No one is allowed to use the “NUTMEG KART CLUB, INC.” name for personal gain unless it is a club function and approved by the Board of Directors.
Section 11: As part of the annual membership application, all members shall be required to acknowledge that they have read, understand and will uphold the bylaws and rules of the Nutmeg Kart Club, Inc. A member’s signature on the application shall serve as proof of acknowledgement.
Section 12: Each member is required to participate in two club sanctioned fundraisers annually.



Section 1: The Board of Directors shall be the governing body of the club. They shall establish the hour and place of the meetings, make recommendations to the club and perform such other duties as specified in the By-laws and/or Rules. The Board shall be subject to the orders of the Club and none of its acts shall conflict with actions taken by the Club. The Board shall consist of officers, Pit Steward, Track Steward, Property
Steward and the previous year’s Past President and they shall pay no dues while in office.
Section 2: The elected officers shall be the President, Vice President, Secretary and the Treasurer, all of whom shall be members in good standing.
Section 3: Nominations for all officers will be heard at the October monthly meeting. Elections shall be held at the annual meeting in November. Officers shall be elected by a majority vote of memberships in good standing in attendance at the November meeting.
Section 4: The regular term shall be one year, January 1st-December 31st.
Section 5: All officers at the expiration of their terms shall render to the respective successors, all NKC property and monies in their possession.
Section 6: If an elected officer fails to discharge the duties of his or her office for three
consecutive meetings, that officer can be required to properly discharge said duties or render his/her resignation.
Section 7: Eligibility requirements for all officer positions will be one year’s previous and
consecutive service, and membership in good standing with the NKC, with at least a 75% attendance record at NKC meetings that year, including the October meeting.
Section 8: Any vacancy shall be appointed by the Board of Directors for the balance of the present term in office. If the office of Treasurer is to be vacated, the Treasurer’s records shall be verified to be correct by the Board of Directors before acceptance of the Treasurer’s resignation.


Section 1: The President shall preside at the monthly club meetings and board meetings, during the transaction of NKC business. He or she shall uphold the Bylaws and/or Rules of NKC. He or she shall cast one vote in the event of a tie.
Section 2: The Vice President shall assist the President and assume his/her duties in his absence. He or she shall uphold the Bylaws and/or Rules of NKC.                    Section 3: The Secretary shall record the proceedings of all meetings and be responsible for NKC correspondence. He or she shall uphold the Bylaws and/or Rules of NKC.
Section 4: The Treasurer shall collect all fees, dues and assessments, and record all monetary transactions of the Club. The Treasurer shall also produce a monthly financial report. He or she shall uphold the Bylaws and/or Rules of NKC.
Section 5: The most recent Past President (previous year only) not currently elected to the board shall serve on the board as board adviser and serve as a voting member on the board. He or she shall uphold the Bylaws and/or Rules of NKC.

Section 6: The Stewards shall be appointed by the elected board. They are under direct supervision of the elected board. The Track Steward is that official having complete charge of the Track Committee. The Pit Steward is that official having complete charge of the pit area and any officials working in this area. The Property Steward is that official having complete charge of the grounds maintenance. All shall uphold the Bylaws and/or Rules of NKC.
Section 7: All candidates interested in any steward position should let their interest be known at the December meeting.



Section 1: All Members are required to participate on a committee as outlined in the Club Rules. Members not completing assigned committee tasks are subject to disciplinary action.



Section 1: A monthly club meeting will be held as stated in the club rules. Meetings will be held in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order (Newly Revised Edition). Meetings time and place will be posted on Individual mail notification shall be mailed only upon the specific request of a member. Special meetings can be requested by the board and require 5 days notice.
Section 2: The number of memberships in good standing present at a regular monthly meeting shall be quorum. 51% of members present and voting shall constitute a majority vote, which shall rule.
Section 3: Guests of a NKC member may attend monthly club meetings by invitation of that NKC member. The guest must be signed in by an active member in good standing with the club and the member must remain for the entire meeting. The guest cannot vote and shall speak only at the invitation of the Officers. The member who signed in this individual will be accountable for all actions of the guest.
Section 4: Those interested in membership are invited to attend our club meetings and will be asked to sign in as a non-member.



Section 1: The duties shall consist of an annual fee to be decided upon by the Board of Directors and approved by the Club members at the January meeting. Dues shall be paid by the February meeting, or a late fee will be assessed. See rules for specific late fees. Any new member joining after July 31 will pay a prorated membership fee.
Section 2: Funds and dues shall be deposited in the General Fund and used for the actual expenses and maintenance of NKC.
Section 3: Assessments shall be submitted to the General Membership by the Board of Directors for approvals. All monies collected shall be used only for the specific purpose requiring the said assessment.






Section 1: Any amendments to the By-laws can be made annually. All Amendments must be in writing and submitted at the January meeting and voted on by the general club memberships in good standing at the February meeting. An amendment must carry by a 2/3 majority vote of the members present.
Section 2: Any amendment to a rule can be submitted at any time. Must be 2 weeks’ notice prior to voting on the amendment.



Section 1: The strict interpretation of all rules, regulations and By-laws shall be made by the Board of Directors




Section 1: Process:
The Club may be dissolved and its activities terminated by a 3⁄4 majority vote of all active members regardless of their eligibility to vote under other articles of these by-laws provided that a petition signed by 3⁄4 of all active members stating this purpose is submitted and a special meeting is called for the purpose of this vote. At least 2 weeks written notice of this meeting must be given to all members

Section 2: Dissolution:
After payment of all debts and obligations, the remaining assets shall be donated to a succeeding sanctioning body or to any other worthy “not for profit” organization.